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The ESC routinely deals with issues from complex server failures to simple requests requiring advice and best practice documentation.If you are running older systems the ESC provides support on a ‘reasonable efforts’ basis.That in turn means that if one patch included in the cumulative update causes an issue on a system then the entire package will have to be uninstalled while waiting on a fix instead of just an individual update.

This configuration is supported as long as the older version is supported.

The ESC is a dedicated resource providing expert, affordable and effective frontline technical help and advice on Microsoft’s technologies to the Education and Charities Sector.

ESC supports all Microsoft software including O365; Cloud; System Centre; Lync; Windows Servers; Exchange; Virtual; Desktop Technologies and many more.

We work with you, sharing our experience and skills, continuously improving our technical knowledge to ensure that we deliver the right support to you.

Learn more about us ESC supports All Microsoft Software - from the Cloud to the Desktop, whatever your IT issue – the ESC is here to help.

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