Jewish dating services for gays

This is your opportunity to meet gay singles and potential life partners who live in or are visiting our area.This is a highly anticipated event which is designed to bring both romance and intimacy to male gay dating Washington DC participants.The database gives the matchmaker access to potentially thousands more singles than he or she could otherwise come to know.

But the downside to social progressiveness is that I, too, am now expected to marry a nice Jewish girl.Its infamous goodnight kiss scene was even credited with starting a “stockings and kissing cult” in Romania. Though finding a Jewish partner is hard as it is, the challenge is intensified if you’re queer and Jewish.That’s why software engineer Joanna Halpern set out to create Saw You At Stonewall, a new matchmaking site for queer Jews.(Preferably a doctor, lawyer, or dentist, of course.) Ostensibly, my choice to not exclusively date Jewish women can seem baffling.I observe Jewish holidays, light candles on Shabbos, keep kosher, and have an unironic love of Barbra Streisand movies.

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