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Despised in the West and revered in the East, dragons have a long history in human mythology. No one knows the exact answer, but some myths may have been inspired by living reptiles, and some "dragon" bones probably belonged to animals long extinct — in some cases dinosaurs, in others, fossil mammals.Starting in the early 19th century, scientists began to find a new kind of monster, one that had gone extinct tens of millions of years before the first humans evolved.Reptiles first appeared about 320 million years ago (Ma), towards the end of the Palaeozoic era.They flourished during the Mesozoic Era which is also referred to as the Age of Reptiles.Mr Miller sent the sample to the University of Georgia, Center for Applied Isotope Studies, for this purpose.The sample was divided at the lab into two fractions with the “bulk” or collagen break down products yielding an age of 33,570 ± 120 years and the carbonate fraction of bone bioapatite yielding an age of 41,010 ± 220 years [UGAMS-11752 & 11752a].(As any eight-year-old can tell you, this Crystal Palace Park, London (photo by Michon Scott) Hawkins and Owen's reconstructions can still be seen Crystal Palace, easily accessible through London's public transportation system.

While there is something to be said for not reconstructing dinosaurs as giant lizards, they didn't have mammalian postures either. was the world's first dinosaur — not the first to evolve, but the first to be formally described.Because the first fragments found looked lizard-like, paleontologists assumed they had found giant lizards, but more bones revealed animals like nothing on Earth today. Dinosaur fossils just don't turn up in the same rock layers as human remains.Did these terrible lizards ever coexist with people? Although some creationists claim that medieval dragons were really ruling reptiles of the Mesozoic that survived into modern times, this notion enjoys no support from any credible scientist. Gideon Mantell, who discovered and named this dinosaur, had been invited to participate in the reconstruction, but withdrew from the project because he disliked the idea of life-size models, and perhaps disliked Richard Owen even more.Famed paleontologist Jack Horner of Montana State University worked the excavation site.In a 2011 development, ten leading universities and institutes including Harvard, the University of Manchester, and the University of Pennsylvania published in PLo S One, a peer-reviewed journal, that they had verified that presumed dinosaur material is indeed original biological tissue from a dinosaur!

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