Attention whores on dating sites

His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world.

You may have heard that a significant amount of women on dating sites are not there because they want to meet someone to fall in love with or even date, but for other, less “legitimate” reasons, such as using dating sites to get attention from guys, like they use Instagram, or out of sheer boredom.

Which girl will have a higher opinion of her attractiveness to men? A rural girl without internet access who does not have an online presence and has only received flirtatious attention from a handful of men who live in her town? A thoroughly modernized and plugged-in girl with a Facebook account that she posts photos to every day which gather comments from twenty different men, a Twitter account with a hundred male followers who read her every passing inane thought, and a online profile that receives emails from hundreds of horny men on a weekly basis? It would be a miracle if girl (b) didn’t delude herself that she was a 7, or maybe even an 8, and behave accordingly.

Conversely, there is a good chance girl (a) perceives herself having lower value than she does, because of the paucity of male feedback. You deny her expectations until her lust is so overpowering you may as well have paralyzed her with your supersecret magnum look.

She’ll still be logging in, maybe even changing her profile. Even the most perfect man cannot get her to respond consistently to online messages.

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There is evidence that this is happening today in the West on a scale unknown in all of history. Old-fashioned men who speak in stentorian tones about a man’s duty to god, family, country and his obligation to resist the pull of degenerate hedonism cannot fathom this steely-eyed view of seduction and women and why it is more necessary now than ever. “Too late to start the training…” The fame laboratory that is the internet has produced a generation of women high on themselves.

A worthy woman who is serious about meeting someone is not going to post these types of pictures. Her Profile Is Empty If she just posted pictures without writing anything about herself, this shows how little effort she is willing to put into her profile and how little she cares about meeting someone on that site.

A woman who is serious about finding any type of connection online will at least say a few words about who she is, what she is looking for, and what she wishes to avoid. She Takes Way Too Long To Respond To Your Messages If she is taking more than 2 days to respond to your messages, chances are that she doesn’t even pay attention to the site through which you are exchanging messages, and she doesn’t really care about getting to know you.

This is especially true if she doesn’t even explain / apologies for these delays in responding.

We all know that women are constantly attached to their phones, so there can be no other reason why she wouldn’t respond to your messages except that she just doesn’t care.

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