4chan hacks christian dating site harvarddating com

However, if you could tell your boss or clients that they were asking you to do something illegal, you’d be in a much stronger position to push back.

Now I am not a lawyer, but the other day, I took a close look at the Data Protection Act 1998, and if I understand it correctly, saving passwords in clear text is indeed illegal here in the UK.

Confession: Christian vlogger Sam Rader has admitted to having an Ashley Madison account in a You Tube video.

Above, Rader, 29, is pictured alongside his wife, Nia - who has forgiven him - in the confession video Revelation: Stolen Ashley Madison account details shared on Twitter and 4chan show (pictured) Mr Rader’s name, his town of Terrell, Texas, and a zip code which Daily Mail Online can verify matches his home address Looking for another woman: They also show the user registered under his name @ This screengrab (pictured) is a continuation of the one above 'I'm a sinner': In his new You Tube video and accompanying caption, father-of-two Mr Rader - whose alleged miscarriage video with his wife, Nia, went viral this month - admits he is a 'sinner - and a hopeless one at that' Forgiveness: He says that he set up an account on the website two years ago - before he started vlogging - with the intention of having an affair, but 'never came to close' to actually being with another woman.

I’ve been using them for a while and remember when Jenna Jameson only had 11 Myspace friends and it still showed ingenuity to exploit the template to promote your band and/or other projects. It’s like handing someone an X-box 360 controller and asking them to play Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, or some other crazy-ass, weird, intense game, when they haven’t fucked with any video game technology since Pong.

The operations can become a lot more confusing than it would for someone that went from Donkey Kong to Super Mario Brothers to Super Mario World, etc.

Above, the vlogger's wife speaks herself at the end of the footage, revealing she 'stands behind' her husband'I pursue my relationship with Christ on a daily basis and have since been involved in a weekly discipleship.

We have our issues with sin like anyone else in the world.

The post, which was real enough, read “Thank you too, Micheal, I had a great time as well. I must admit, I haven’t had sex in a while, so getting mounted by such a strong and powerful man was a pleasant surprise after so many long months of …abstinence.

To jump fresh into the social network game, at this point, would put anyone at a disadvantage, because they wouldn’t have that frame of reference or the smooth transitions.

After a while, certain patterns become clearer to those who have advanced along with the processes and grew with it.

The Christian dating website that got hacked by 4chan back in August was a textbook illustration of why you should not store users’ passwords in plain text.

Most of the users of the site had re-used their user names and passwords on Facebook and their e-mail accounts, which were compromised as a result, in many cases in extremely embarrassing ways.

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